Night Life


Kardamena has long been known as a centre for clubbing and very lively night life! However, whilst there is still a good night entertainment scene going on, there are also other aspects of Kardamena night life which appeal to everyone.
If you set off earlier in the evening there is a host of different tavernas, restaurants, fast food stops and cafes to choose from for your evening meal or drink, which are spread over the length and breadth of the village. Wherever you may be staying in the village, you will never be far away from somewhere to eat and drink.
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Many of them face onto the harbour and the boats moored there, giving a view of the comings and goings and perambulations of tourists and locals alike. There is never any rush when eating and drinking here so take as much time as you like to savour your precious holiday time. 
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From super modern to very traditional Greek, Kardamena really does  cater for every taste in food; from English breakfast in the morning, Chinese and Italian dishes, to octopus and fresh fish that have been brought in that day by the local fishermen.
If you do prefer a more traditional approach to your holiday in Greece there are some real treats to be found in the village. Rub shoulders with the locals and try ouzo with meze and tasty home-made food using age-old recipes.
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After you have eaten, and before stopping off for a nightcap, you might enjoy having a look around the local shops, which stay open until late. There is a good mix of gift, clothing, jewellery and other shops in the narrow streets that run  behind and parallel to the harbour.
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After that, night life, proper, starts in Bar Street and the clubs that are located in the village. The clubs play both foreign and Greek music; feature live music, themed parties and the fun goes on until morning.
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Sarai, Status, and Starlight are just some of the Kardamena clubs but you will soon find what you are looking for when here!
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For those who want peace and quiet, you can find it here. For young (or indeed not so young) night life lovers, you can also find what you want from your holiday in Kardamena.
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